My Water Fountain Projects in San Marcos, TX

I have successfully completed many water fountain projects in San Marcos, TX, and throughout the United States. Please take a look at my extensive portfolio.

Louise Hays Fountain

Kerrville, Texas

This is an interactive fountain that utilizes aerated jets of water and is illuminated by LED lights encircling the stream. The fountain operates up to 7 feet high and achieves that height in about 1 second.

San Antonio, Texas

An example of a bowl fountain using the ends of process tanks from the Pearl Brewery. Using a bio-filter gives this feature an earthy feel, blending with the lush landscape.

Giant Geyser
Baylor University, Waco, Texas

This giant geyser was created with twenty-something flush mounted geyser jets arranged in 3 concentric circles. This fountain operates up to 25 feet high during calm wind conditions. It is illuminated by, and an equal number of flush mounted quartz lights.

Round About

Sugarland, Texas

Utilizing 3 types of aerating jets catches the eye as you approach this intersection. The shapes of the effects gradually change and lower in height during elevated wind events. Underwater LED lights illuminate this feature during night time operation.

Riverview Interactive

Shrieveport, LA

This is a portion of a much larger fountain installation of some 100 plus aerated jets operating up to 9 feet high. The triangle pattern utilizes vertical streams roughly 3 feet on center to present an opaqueness that lights very well and offers not a dry spot within the fountain. LED lighting surrounds each stream and is coordinated with each on-off cycle of each jet. This fountain will change its operating height throughout each show as well during an elevated wind event.

Architectural Fountain Design

When you’re looking to beautify your property, adding a fountain is always a good idea. Here at Fountain Feature Consulting, I have extensive experience designing fountains as I’ve been in the fountain industry for more than 30 years. Rely on me to create a unique piece for you. When you utilize my expertise, you know you’re receiving a one-of-a-kind piece from a professional.

I’ll work with you to determine any and all requirements for your new fountain. After the initial consultation, I’ll develop water fountain blueprint designs that match your specifications. I am dedicated to exceeding your expectations, so count on me to deliver a fountain that enhances your property.

An Experienced Designer

Installing a new, professionally designed fountain is a big investment. You want to know you’re utilizing a reliable designer. Whether you want a small outdoor fountain or an extravagant large fountain, I am here for you. I know my way around not only the design aspect but also the manufacturing end.

I understand the complexities of fountains and modern water features. You’ll receive a fountain that matches the pristine exterior of your property. Rely on me to create a unique design for you.

Contact me to find out more about my water fountain projects. I am based in San Marco, Texas, and proudly serve clients throughout the surrounding areas.